Monday AM is the most Productive Time of the week for UK Businesses

According to a research report by Red Letter Days surveying more than 2,000 workers in the UK, 26% of people believe it is their best working day. Get ready for more Monday morning team meetings.

The results are in and Monday, by far the most hated day of the week, is also apparently the day we get the most work done.  37% or participants said 8-10am was the best time.

Thereafter productivity slackened throughout the week, with Thursday the least productive, followed by a slight bump on Friday.

Red Letter Day Business chief Bill Alexander had this to say:

The results show that by not being too rigid about conventional Monday to Friday, nine to five working hours, employers could improve productivity among their workforces”.

Regular breaks, flexibility and freedom over managing their own time is key to their greater productivity, said Alexander.

The report to us highlights the ever increasing benefits of virtual offices that enable staff and managers to take more control over their own working lives.

The research looked at staff engagement, finding that the more engaged among us spend more time doing things such as checking social media, chatting to colleagues or even shopping online.

Sarah, from London, said:

"Outsourced and virtual working away from boring old saggy offices is the future of UK SMEs."

Source: Red Letter Days