The answer to skyrocketing London house prices? A Virtual Office in London

Can you afford London Business Rates? - everyone can afford a London Virtual Office

Recently you'll have heard a thing or two about London in the news. It's old news, but for Londoners it's always current. You guessed it, house prices in the capital are skyrocketing year on year.

The average London home could cost £1m by 2020, according to figures published by property website giant Rightmove recently. 

In Greater London, prices reached an all-time high of £620,003 in September, jumping 2.2% - just another 13 grand - since last month.

What does it all mean for London Virtual Offices?

This is tough news for non-property owners in particular who may have to move outside the capital, where housing increases are just 6.4 per cent up annually.  

But it will mean freelancers can capitalise on the increasing financial implications of the inflated London market, including an influx of foreign investment into the city.

As London is crowned the financial centre of the world again, some can clearly benefit from having a virtual business based here in the capital. With a virtual trading presence in London our clients don’t have to live or work here, instead they can focus on chasing leads, saving overheads and reinvesting in their business all the while cashing in on the prestigious location.

Virtual office providers in London will be pleased at the news. 

Virtual office services are by nature discreet, meaning that virtual office providers generally have zero flags or signs, allowing their clients' businesses to shine with no visible connection to any other providers.

It's maximum impact with minimum cost...

Virtual offices are popping up all over the place, and for good reason.

Hatton & Berkeley's Managing Director, Rob Croucher, said:

"The housing bubble in London is a golden opportunity for virtual office providers and outsourcing firms in the capital to take advantage of the attractiveness of a central location in the city."
"London isn't a great place to work finance wise at the moment, but that barrier doesn't exist anymore with the rise of outsourcing."

An increase in rent was seen by 45 per cent of people renewing their rental contracts in the capital, CityAM said, with an average rent hike of 2.5 per cent.

If annual growth rate for London house prices is now 10.5 per cent, how are small businesses and SMEs in the UK, let alone international businesses, to survive if they want to operate from the heart of the financial capital of the world?

It's just too much, which is why people are Going Virtual everyday.

It's getting easier and easier to switch from the cost, commotion and pollution of the inner city to the comfort of the 'burbs. 

When you can run your business from your phone and still trade from the capital, it's looking like more and more of a viable option.