2018 -2019

Over the last decade, the principals have addressed global economic conditions which have been difficult and highly complex. I am pleased to say that throughout our strategy to continue investing in our business and our clients has ultimately proven to be successful.

This year reflects a growing demand for business process outsourcing, legal process outsourcing and c-suite management consultancy. We have continued pursuing our vision of doing the right thing for our clients, staff and broader communities where our expertise is deployed in an ethical and sustainable manner.

We are particularly proud of the opportunities we have given to graduates and apprentices and the strides we’ve made with a fledgling brand that’s already attracting new and exciting opportunities internationally.

It is Hatton & Berkeley’s better and broader approach that will see us increase our portfolio whilst continually improving our service platforms, sustaining well into the years ahead.

Professional services & our thoughts on the future

Hatton & Berkeley reflects our shared vision of a Professional Business Services platform that not only provides a high quality service in AccountancyTelecomsInsurance, Treasury, Legal Administration and Virtual Offices, but also fosters communities and business partnerships, domestically and internationally, sharing ideas and networks.

I’m pleased to say 2015 saw the completion of the renovation of our Offices in Hatton Garden, and the beginning of the expansion of Hatton & Berkeley's professional business services (BPO) portfolio to include insurance, currency and various legal process services.

Alongside this the last few months, we have seen continued transformation and investment into expanding our reach through international alliances in a variety of industries, acquisitions, new products and innovation.

As a direct result of this we’ve seen encouraging developments of a large number of our client relationships across the spectrum, a move that has been mirrored by our own in house development. Hatton & Berkeley has welcomed, trained and encouraged a fresh intake of personnel who have broadened our skills and expertise further, as well as performing well in their specific duties.

Our enhanced capabilities and infrastructure, has enabled us to expand our service purview and diversify our operations; a process which has impacted on our client base in a very positive way.