We can provide advice on the most suitable business structure – sole trader, partnership, company, limited liability partnership.

We assist our in the structuring of their business affairs to ensure they are operating through the correct legal entity and in an efficient manner.

It is this efficiency that our clients appreciate.

Areas of corporate re-structuring include;

• Reorganisations and mergers
• De-mergers
• Planning with share rights
• Group tax planning
• Company Purchase of Own Shares
• Reductions in share capital

We also work with our clients to help calculate the taxation impact of extraction policies by dividend or salary/bonus schemes; providing advice in relation to pension contributions.

And are often required to advise on tax planning issues using different classes of share capital. 


Our partners are experts in property taxation, we advise on how to best structure your property transaction(s) in the most tax efficient way, significantly reducing tax exposure.

We frequently advise on:

  • Professionals working in the property sector
  • Services for property agents
  • Services for developers
  • Services for investors


HMRC allows you to offset expenditure on the sale, lease or improvements of commercial property for tax purposes. As specialists in this area we are able to advise on significant potential savings available to you.

Typical Capital Allowances can be in the region of between 10% and 30% of the commercial property purchase price.

Our specialist surveyors each with years of tax expertise, are able to visit on site to realise any extra layer of allowable reductions. These services tend to be for a narrow field of clients including;

Commercial property owners and investors looking to retrospectively claim for unused allowances, (available to them over many years).

Buyers and sellers of commercial property looking to value plant and machinery as part of a purchase.


Inheritance Tax can usually be reduced with the correct planning, including; lifetime planning, after death variation and/or mitigation of taxation. With careful lifetime planning, you can even reduce your exposure to IHT whilst retaining the asset and income.


Asset Protection has a number of forms, designed to protect against divorce, bankruptcy and third party claims including:

Company Asset Protection – Namely property, cash in the bank and company brand and intellectual property, can be protected by a using group structures, without triggering taxes on restructuring all whilst affording asset protection.

Family Assets / Wealth Protection – Typically assets can be placed into a trust structure to preserve and protect family assets without adverse tax consequences. This is especially useful when protecting against claims, bankruptcy and divorce.


Tax planning for property holding structures, including those for non UK resident and non UK domiciles as individuals looking to obtain properly structured solutions to achieve tax efficiency.


Our partners provide expert advice for clients under investigation by HMRC. This to most comes as an unexpected and fairly unpleasant shock and can be very stressful.

We aim to resolve any investigation by HMRC in the most efficient manner possible without compromising the quality of our work or risking our clients interests.

We can advise on local district cases to larger corporate tax cases both in direct and indirect (VAT) taxation.


Our specialist partners are VAT experts, have trained with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and have a complete understanding of the legislation and HMRC’s policies and procedures.

Our work extends to every aspect of VAT and also include;

  • Negotiation with HMRC on liability issues
  • Agreeing partial exemption methods
  • Provision of VAT planning to improve cash flow
  • Assisting clients on VAT property law
  • EU and international transactions.