What should I consider when choosing a Telecoms Provider?


Choosing a reliable Telecoms Provider with a solid support structure is essential. ‘Competitive tariffs’ is sales speak: you get what you pay for. There should be no compromise on quality and stability because if your callers have trouble reaching you they’ll go elsewhere.

When it comes to non-geographic numbers like 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers, 0844 numbers & 0870 numbers, you need to be especially careful. These numbers should be finely tuned in concert with your advertising teams to ensure the best results. Identify what will benefit your business best needs and do your homework. As so often, what matters is the fine print.


Your Telecoms Provider should make it their goal in life to make your life and business function easier. To that end, if they're not able to offer mobile diverts and device rerouting they're pulling your leg. Business is moving Virtual, Mobile, enabling small businesses to operate remotely so that they can prioritise their workload easier and balance life and work better. 

Hardware is making way for Cloud Based Software, so if your telecoms provider isn't giving you the option of taking the bulky stuff off your hands and empowering your mobile framework, ask again.


Any telecoms provider worth their salt will fit their package around you.

You should be able to upgrade, tweak, add or delete services at your convenience, not theirs because by their very nature, telephonic businesses are constantly evolving. Expansion must be catered for and your products should reflect market innovation and the latest developments in technology.

Any downtime can cost dearly so ensure potential provider’s provide programs like disaster recovery and other emergency backups to resume regular operations in the shortest possible time.


A reputation for providing quality services for lengthy periods of time is a useful indicator of a companies record and value. Those providers will be rewarded with repeat use and in turn will often pay back longstanding customers for their loyalty with perks, discounts and privileges. The longer you've been in this business the more people trust you. 

But it's worth taking a closer look at the reliability of the bigger telecoms providers; given Talk Talk's recent hacking, age doesn't always imply security. 


Someone from the virtual provider’s support team must be available to attend to any problem you may encounter with the system. System installation with a minimum of disruption to your business is essential. Training, guidance and assistance round the clock can mark the difference between a standard and a premium provider.

Telecoms, as perhaps the most recognisable symbol of outsourcing as a concept, are often maligned for their distance, their lack of being in touch. Granted, the face to face aspect of business relationships is often subsumed by cost and efficiency, but a good telecoms provider will always support and take time out to explain and guide when things are confusing.

Hatton & Berkeley’s ethos is be personal, open and approachable; our variety of product offerings, up scalability, and our support structure can help with your call infrastructure, so speak to us today. We can help you run your business from the comfort of your own home, on the move, or on the train: all from your mobile phone.