UK Trade and Investment: UK is the largest G20 Investor in India

The UK is the largest G20 investor in Indian business, responsible for 9 per cent of all G20 investment in India during the past 15 years.

Nicola Bolton, MD of Trade with the UK Trade & Investment delegation at the Global Investors Meet announced yesterday, adding:

“UKTI is at the heart of the British government effort to support the UK economy.
Last year we helped 54,000 UK companies to export and supported the delivery of 1,600 FDI projects in the UK. The UK remains Europe’s No: 1 destination for FDI.”

UK Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) represented around US$ 22 billion. Big UK investors in India include Vodafone, BP, JCB and British Gas.

Last year alone UK investment was close to $1.9 billion across India.

But it’s not all one way traffic.

India invests more in the UK than the rest of the EU combined

and has emerged as one of Britain’s biggest job creators, responsible for helping create 122 new investment projects and 7730 new jobs here.

The Tata Group, an Indian firm, is now the largest manufacturing employer in the UK.

Bolton added, “the UK is committed to its offer of £1 billion of export finance credit in support of infrastructure and other needs in India” signalling promising things for the future of British and Indian business partnerships in the future.