Co-Operative Business Practice

We believe strongly that co-operatives are great, unique businesses built on the trust of fellow members, of whom each plays an intrinsic role in the success of that business - each and everyone has a voice. We think that is important.

These type of business models are not restricted to small enterprise either, often high value multi million pound businesses in healthcare, renewable energy and retail are successful due to the inclusive culture they build within.

In an increasingly connected society, it is now even more important than ever that employee and employer are one and the same, having a say in how the business affairs within 'their' company are handled and the organisations in their name run.

As members own and run co-operatives, this brings solutions to a multitude of current issues facing institutionally lead business practices - a feeling of powerlessness amongst staff, apathy towards customer service and a general lack of commitment can be the death knock for large out dated corporates.

We advise our clients on how to enable their work forces to build better more inclusive business practices for their teams.

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