A limited company has separate finances from your personal finances. So any profit made is owned by the company, and, after corporation tax, the company can share the profits.  
You can either have a Limited by Shares Company or Limited by Guarantee Company. A private company limited by shares is owned by its members, or shareholders. Each member is liable for the original value of the shares they were issued.


  • Quick Set Up.
  •  The company will hold Limited Liability.
  •  The personal assets of the directors and shareholders are protected if the company were to go out of business.
  • No two companies can have the same name, which avoids confusion when trading.
  •  Limited companies tend to be more affordable to run. This is due to lower accounting fees and taxes.
  • Limited companies can remain dormant for as long as you want. This allows you to save the company name.
  • It is easy to gain funding through shareholders and banks.
  • Ownership of the company can easily be changed through the sale of shares.
  • There is no obligation for a limited company to start trading within any set time period. 


With your company formation you can also have a full business address service, telecoms & company secretarial services.  In other words you can register your company at our address, use the address to trade from, have 24/7 call answering and a telephone number of your choice diverted to any mobile or landline. You can also use our address as your Directors Service Address, to set up bank accounts at and to have for mail forwarding. We also offer accountancy and company secretarial services; we can look after your company’s accounts.

For more information take a look at our Business Packages.


UK Limited Company Formation = £75
UK Limited Liability Partnership = £125
UK Community Interest Company = £125

We provide a premium service, please note all prices are less VAT. Standard Articles of Association are included, more complex requirements may have different prices than those stated above.

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