Terminating a company director

Terminating a Company Director can be a straight forward decision made by a board of directors when the function of that director relative to the trading activity of the company ceases.

You can use the below forms to file paper forms with Companies House regarding the termination of a director or officer of a company, you may not use these forms if the company is enrolled in the PROOF scheme, you will need to apply for a filing code and apply online via web filing.

Termination of Officers;
TM01 Terminating appointment as Director
TM02 Terminating appointment as Secretary

You should have completed your last minuted board meeting and created a document of resolution outlining the termination of the appointment of the director, you should always consult a legal professional before taking these steps.

It is assumed that once a company director resigns he/she no longer has any rights or involvement with the company, this is incorrect - previous directors may apply at any time to be re-instated as an officer of the company.

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