24/7 Call Answering with your very own Virtual PA

Virtual PA’s provide you with the benefits of a switchboard, divert infrastructure and most importantly a professional, confident Virtual Assistant without the hassle and expense of training, employing and looking after a vital staff member 24/7.

Our Auto Attendants take care of your calls. Whenever you're called, wherever you are, confident and engaged Virtual PA’s are on hand to coordinate and redirect your business communications, bringing your clients closer to you. You are in charge of where, when and how you want to take your calls, whatever the size of the business. You’ll never miss another inbound opportunity with our Virtual PA’s.

Call Divert - Choose a Unique Phone Number and Divert it straight to a mobile or landline of your choice.

*All our Business Address Packages includes a FREE conference call line.

Choose a number Geographic or Non-Geographic. So for example your work number could be a Central London number such as 0207 or 0203. 
We'll divert to you inland or abroad, and to any receiver of your choice, with the option to allow for time of day, weekend and holiday routing.

Combine our telecoms services with a Business Address Package.


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