Rebecca is detail orientated when providing payment process design solutions to Hatton & Berkeley clients. Her end-to-end strategies are proven to assist based on ascertaining clients core objectives prior to implementation. This proven approach saves time and money where otherwise a rework may be necessary.

Rebecca has over a decade of expertise at board director level, specialising in helping reduce dependancy risk, and producing advanced data sets for analysis where cost benefits are required to be monitored regularly.

Working with business owners, Rebecca ensures she has a firm grasp of clients individual needs, often detailing their already existing business operations to become far more efficient. It is this cross-functional participation that makes her approach both valuable and unique in the market.

Whilst it may be an obvious observation, her approach to effective project management includes the design and configuration of clients transaction processes, whilst remaining efficient to pre-empt their future needs. This holistic view helps clients plan ahead, especially where there are multiple stakeholders involved in a project, something we come across regularly.

Having lived overseas for 15 years, Rebecca set up offices in Spain, Portugal, Dubai and London that assisted over 20,000 individual and corporate clients with their payment solutions. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her son, travelling, power boating and fishing.