Richard was born and raised in Holloway, and is a true Londoner. He is the Dispatch Manager in our Holborn offices, where he has oversight of all client requirements and service provision.

As sport is one of Richards biggest passions, he spent three years at Luton University football club and in his final year became an assistant manager of the 4th team. He was responsible for attending meetings with other managers and leaders to discuss performance and the development of the football club. He is a committed sportsman at heart and this is reflected in his work.

He has always been great at organising activities and training sessions for team players, which has translated well into a corporate work ethic. The experience he gained through sports management and training is a great example of how sports skill and dedication mirror an aptitude for commercial decision making. His ability to deal with large groups of people and multi-task whilst operating complex projects is a necessity in his role with Hatton & Berkeley.

His highly motivated attitude as well as willingness to learn has proven he is one of our most committed team members and shows great initiative and willingness to support colleagues, clients and his family. A true gentleman.