What are the benefits of a Non-Geographic number: what do 0800, 0845 or 0870 numbers do?

0800 Non Geo

Non-geographic numbers are telephone numbers that do not correspond to a specific geographic location, usually routed or mapped onto an existing landline telephone number. The types of non geographic numbers available to small businesses are wide ranging and include 0800 numbers, where the cost of a call is paid for entirely by the company receiving the call, or “revenue sharing” 0845 and 0870 numbers.

Each has a different
purpose and effectiveness.

Non-geographic numbers can have significant benefits over their geographic counterparts, especially when used in conjunction with a Freephone offer. Research shows that up to two thirds of consumers consider a Freephone number an incentive to call. Indeed advertisement callbacks consistently increase when a Freephone number is used.

On the other hand, 08 numbers that charge a premium can be a useful source of income for companies who receive high volumes of incoming calls.

Dealing with perceptions

People and people’s perceptions of companies can be quite delicate. The two rules are to be as helpful as possible and as quick as possible: nobody likes calling businesses for help, so unless your phone lines are engineered to only receive calls from eager customers interested in your products, make it as painless as possible.

If they’re having to call you, even if there isn’t an overt problem, it means they’re already coming in from a point of inconvenience.

For sales, orders, or payment, Non-Geographic Revenue Sharing lines are ideal when you know the customer would like to speak to you and is willing to forego the surcharge added to 08 numbers stated in the terms and conditions.


Above and beyond the basic characteristics of Freephone, Basic Rate and Special Rate calls, however, the principal benefit of a non geographic number is that it is you can be based anywhere to receive calls and promote business.

The fact that non geographic numbers are "virtual", and thus completely portable, means that if a business needs to relocate the public number can be transferred seamlessly to another location, without loss of service and the client unaware of any material changes to your company.

Customers of paid for products can often respond negatively to change. Therefore it’s essential to reassure your callers whenever you interact that you’re still the same; non-geographic numbers facilitate that by keeping your changes confidential.


A huge benefit of Non geographic numbers is that they can be selected to be as memorable as possible, and used to create the perception amongst callers of a national and international presence. Even if a company itself is confined to a specific geographic region, you can present globally, or zero in on an area code closer to your chosen market. That way, people will trust you as a local entity, so the onus is on you to reinforce that with an open, welcoming sales manner that they can relate to and become familiar with.


Having different numbers for different products is essential for finding out what you’re doing right, or wrong, in your marketing strategy. Your phone systems, be they cloud based, regional or national, can be fine tuned to channel responses through a variety of different lines, working in synchronicity with your marketing strategy.

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