Guven joined Hatton & Berkeley as an account administrator in November of 2016, he quickly progressed to leading the client-care and consultancy team from our offices in Mayfair, London. He is responsible for oversight of all client on-boarding.

Lending from his experience with the B2B team at Samsung, Turkey - he has developed brand strategies with existing partners as well as consulting on HBLDN Plc joint ventures to capture revenues and expand growth.

He is a qualified business strategist and continues to attend to complex instructions from our client base, whilst assisting the senior principals with building advanced asset pricing and growth modelling.

Guven was educated in Istanbul, Turkey - where he received his BA in economics from Bahcesehir University - BAU, before moving to London to complete his MSc in Behavioural Finance from Queen Mary University. His personal studies included conducting testing of market efficiency on FX spot prices, and is notably an expert in his field.

His passion for motorsports, especially Formula 1 racing, are only exceeded by his energy and excitement for advances in FinTech and sustainability research.

2016 - November, joins Hatton & Berkeley