Soon after arriving in London, Dominik focused on his work as a management consultant in the private healthcare sector. Whilst working on the project for “The Close Care Home” with his input, the company increased revenue from £3.5 to £5.7M PY. He was part of management team that increased customer experience, secured the highest “outstanding” rating, won multiple national awards. Implemented new recruitment procedure that reduced stuff turnover and relevant hiring cost significantly. He managed and supervised major changes in management structure.

Dominik then managed the design and implementation of standard operating procedures to improve efficiency, adherence to regulations and quality of output for the “BIOGEN” project in Denmark.

Dominik was Born in Poland, although started his early career working and living in Switzerland where he was responsible for creating and supervising documentation in the Project “New Wet Line” Nestle Switzerland.

He then worked as a project manager in Saudi Arabia, developing pharmaceutical manufacturing processes of “Tabuk Pharmaceuticals”, where he was responsible for managed multicultural core communications with client and stakeholder teams.

Dominik has a long standing passion for classical music and enjoys opera singing himself. He studied for his Legal Law Bachelor (LLB) in Business Law at Londons Southbank University, in 2015.