Each year we intake the most professional and practised individuals we can find to offer you the best support.
The qualified members of our team are here to help grow your business to its best potential.

World Class Business Men


Our world class clients operate predominantly in the Financial Services Sector, we service a wide array of middle office outsourcing solutions as well as assisting with Insurance and Currency solutions.

Virtual Offices London

Using our Virtual Offices in London is very easy and signing up couldn't be easier. Our competitive pricing is maintained to suit our clients needs. 

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Accounting & Secretarial

Our clients come to us at all stages of their development. We pride ourselves on nurturing successful partnerships, helping our clients grow through intelligent corporate structuring


Telecoms Solutions

Bespoke calling solutions for your needs: our tailored services fit small SME's to large international corporates. All our products are made to best fit your exact business requirements

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Commercial Insurance

We help find the best commercial insurance solutions for our clients, working with our partners we assist business operators who are required to meet their statutory obligations in the UK and EU.

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Simon Moore partners with Hatton & Berkeley to create this intelligent online semantic search/compilation tool for creative professionals, The Creative Directory is the worlds only curated platform for finding the best creative talent, at no cost.

There are no paid-for sponsored listings, instead everyone featured on TCD is hand picked by our editorial team - ensuring searches only deliver high quality results.

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At Hatton & Berkeley we always strive to create services which assist our clients on a multiple of fronts, here we are able to access inter-bank exchange rates and custodian services powered by GCEN & GCS.

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Most business operators at some point will require legal advice or general assistance, our partners are available to assist you, this will be available to all clients as of June 2016.

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Where is Business Going?

The Future of Bricks and Mortar Business.
Why sooner or later Businesses and consumers won't need bricks anymore.

Top 5 Tips for Start Ups

Starting a business is a big step. Before you set out on the road to entrepreneurial wonders, here’s a few tips to get your head around.

The Third Place

Coffee shops, hotels, public transport, home – thanks to your phone, the world is not just a stage, but a flexible workspace too.

UK Anti Piracy

For too long the creative industries have been in a cat and mouse battle against the ubiquity of digital copyright theft.
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Rhian Bradley
Like increasing numbers of UK professionals, Rhian Bradley has found herself in the unfamiliar - and exciting - position of being in a startup.

Myk Baxter
Mr Baxters' Business is entirely virtual - so much so that he runs a pan global online marketing company from his home in South East Asia. 

Walter & Zoniel
The recent Tate Britain exhibition “The Salt Print Selfie” openly and maturely deconstructed modern notions of what the selfie is.

Byron Smith, founder of auto-trade app Blue Automotive, isn't your usual entrepreneur... 
The race car driver come tech startup founder took a moment out to speak to me about cars, global centres and the future of apps.